My Novels

I’m a NaNoWriMo winner for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, but I still don’t have a complete manuscript. I do have these three novels well started, with about 75% of each of them finished. Yeah, I know. Finish a thing.

Book Cover - Every Word is True

Every Word Is True
Fidelia Abbott, a spiritualist, and Alec Mallory, a young Irish-American police patrolman, work together to solve crime in 1892 Boston. But the secrets that both of them keep threaten not just their work but their lives.

Genre: historic speculative fiction
Words: 53,400 words
Status: Unfinished


Book Cover: The Leyden Jar

The Leyden Jar
Two women burdened with extraordinary powers set out to combat crime against some of the most vulnerable people in their city. As they struggle against criminals they couldn’t have imagined and a police force that seems intent on catching them rather than preventing the lawlessness all around them, they find themselves diametrically opposed about how to move forward, or even if they should.

Genre: speculative fiction, superheroes
Words: 50,773
Status: Unfinished

Book Cover: Siege Perious

Seige Perilous
When Bamburgh University, a New England women’s college with a long, prestigious academic history, improves its athletic program and begins accepting students on athletic scholarship, the change in campus culture is profound. Students, professors and Dean Nora White must all adjust as the school’s rowing team begins winning division championships and takes the national spotlight. But will the money pouring into the university coffers threaten the school’s legendary academic distinction?

Genre: contemporary fiction
Words: 87,232 words
Status: Unfinished