Reading in the New Year

I spent a great deal of my 2017 Christmas break organizing books in my library, and winnowing things I’ve read or never will read out of the pack and donating them to the local used book store. I have more books in my “to read” queue than I can possibly get through in 2018, so I have firm plans to go on a book diet and not buy anything new in the new year other than books we need for book club. Firm plans.

I have a stack of books to read from friends and people I know. I have a remarkable number of friends who have finished and published their books. It’s both exciting and irritating at the same time. I need to finish something. Seriously.

I have a stack of mystery novels to read that I anticipate will be easy to get read and get through. These will be what I pick up when I get stuck on something else.

I have a stack of books to read that were well-reviewed and lauded in the last couple of years. These are the books that I secretly would like to get completed but probably won’t.

I have a stack of graphic novels to read as well.

I’m seriously hoping people will not write anything exciting in the new year, so I can catch the hell up. But I’m sure that will not happen. People will write cool stuff. They always seem to.

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